My best friend

a year ago today I lost my best friend ,my sister. I never imagined life without you. you made life so much more joyful. you always brought light to a dull

moment. you were a fighter. you have inspired me In many more ways than you can imagine. loosing you made a big impact in my life. it became a challenge. the BIGGEST challenge I had to face. I’ve kept my head high and when I feel weak and feel like I can’t fight anymore I think “do it for Celeste”. or “fight like Celeste” and I would make my way through. you have made me the person I am today. without you coming into my life I would never be who I am. as people see me around they think of me as a younger version of you. Nobody can understand how proud I get when someone says

“your just like your sister”.

I know your w/ our Heavenly Father in Heaven watching down on us but I just want you to know I love and miss you so much and life will never be the same without you. see you soon baby girl💗👼🏽 can’t wait for you to show me around heaven when I get there. 😊 I am Team #CelesteStrong 💗💪🏽

-Giselle A 1-2-2016

Your mark

What a beautiful little girl. So precious to this world. You left your mark on us and you’ll never even known it. Strength in every move even through all your struggles. You fought and worked so hard through the pain and wouldn’t show it. We watched you push, watched you fight. Watched you break through. Watched and wished, wished and prayed for what only God could do. Make you whole, make you happy, make your body strong. Now left so confused because we never knew all along. His true plan was to take you, home to him. Away from hurt, away from pain, away from all of this sin. But we miss you so! We Never got to watch you grow into a beautiful woman. But you did get to grow, you grew a set of wings. You fought through the pain now only beautiful things is what your surrounded by and you feel no pain. You left such a mark , now we are left to gain. Gain your strength, gain your smile, above all gain your love. Although we miss you so much we know your above. Watching over us and giving i your love and might. Knowing this one things always brings me a smile. You get to spread your wings and Fly high baby Fly!

-Our Angel Celeste