My best friend

a year ago today I lost my best friend ,my sister. I never imagined life without you. you made life so much more joyful. you always brought light to a dull

moment. you were a fighter. you have inspired me In many more ways than you can imagine. loosing you made a big impact in my life. it became a challenge. the BIGGEST challenge I had to face. I’ve kept my head high and when I feel weak and feel like I can’t fight anymore I think “do it for Celeste”. or “fight like Celeste” and I would make my way through. you have made me the person I am today. without you coming into my life I would never be who I am. as people see me around they think of me as a younger version of you. Nobody can understand how proud I get when someone says

“your just like your sister”.

I know your w/ our Heavenly Father in Heaven watching down on us but I just want you to know I love and miss you so much and life will never be the same without you. see you soon baby girl💗👼🏽 can’t wait for you to show me around heaven when I get there. 😊 I am Team #CelesteStrong 💗💪🏽

-Giselle A 1-2-2016